Stems are audio files with separated instruments. All the synths in one track, drums in another, vocals, etc. They're used for remixes, playing live and mastering.




“He performs like he's on broadway. He produces giant, epic dance-floor bangers. He runs his own record label. Bankai is the honey badger of the digital world.”


Bio / writeup:

Since becoming a minor cult figure after his first online release, Bankai has flown around the world playing huge stages and house parties, all with the same tastelessly danceable, DIY banger ethic. Expect wireless DJing with Wii remotes, tunes bouncing between bleeding edge bass music, balkan folk tunes, chip-tunes and bad 90s pop. Bankai makes people dance. Please don't book him for 'chilled' sets, it doesn't work.

I don't expect cash:
Pay for my flights and expenses and I am happy. I am over the idea of making money from shows, I just do it for the fun now. :)
Tech rider:
I am a self contained laptop DJ, plugging via stereo RCA into whatever mixer/etc is available. I like to plug in one standard mic (my own) into whatever mixer/PA you have.
re. Visuals:
If possible, I like to plug my laptop into a projector and control projected visuals throughout my set.
Set times:
Anywhere from 15 mins to 3 hours. One hour is the sweet spot.
Bankai sets are always dancy & loud. Best suits moombah / electro / glitch hop / dnb type parties. Please don't book me for a 'chilled' show, it doesn't work.
Email me directly for anything:


I often get questions about gear. Here's an interview with Mark, from RMIT's audio production course, which should cover most questions:

What gear do you use live on stage? (Be detailed!)

Everything centres around Macbook Pro, with a reasonably recent version of Ableton Live. Some or all of the following are used as needed:

  • Traktor Audio 2 DJ external sound card by NI, which does 2 separate routable outs: main + headphones (a small pair of AKGs).
  • One Korg Nanokontrol midi controller (the one with sliders and knobs).
  • An iPhone 3G, running LiveControl, which pushes data to to Ableton Live. This is mostly used for triggering clips, FX and other things if I'm away from the laptop (i.e. in the audience).
  • One or two Nintendo Wii remotes, which connect via bluetooth to Osculator, which converts button presses and accelerometer data into the OSC protocol, which then goes into Ableton Live, for controlling filters, triggering stuff. Same deal as the iPhone, really.
  • One rather crappy SM58 style dynamic microphone, which I occasionally run through a little unit (can't remember the name) that does compression and noise gating. I like the mic because it has a switch so I can turn it off and put it in my pocket.
  • The lights under the Raiden-style hat are actually 50-100 or so small battery powered finger lights you can get in bulk from china, via eBay.
  • If am doing my own visuals, I have a collection of about 6-700 animated .gifs which rotate in a full-screened Chrome window (set to the projector). I wrote a simple javascript slideshow that displays each .gif for 5 seconds or so. Code is avaiable over at Github
Does that setup vary a lot from the tools you use in the studio when writing music?

Yes. In the studio (read, my lounge room) I run a somewhat aged version of Logic Pro on the same laptop, with noteable plugins including the Slim Slow Slider (a free sidechain compressor) and Native Instruments Massive.

I also have a MOTU 896HD and a pair of beautiful Yamaha NS-1000 monitors, neither of which I use much because I don't have a firewire 400 to 800 adapter for the MOTU and I do most of my mixing on headphones at the pub (apologies, audiophiles).

How the setup evolved over the years?

At first I knew nothing about DJing - I used to play guitar and sing in a punk/metal band. Not much has changed. I still can't beat match or play CDs/Vinyl.

In 2009, a bunch of kids from Vancouver put enough money in a Paypal account to fly me over for a show. Accordingly, I frantically learnt how Ableton Live worked and bought a Behringer BCR2000 (because it was what Daft Punk used and it's really cheap).

Since then, touring internationally and experiencing the horror of New York + LAX airports, my main goal has been slimming down gear until I can fit it - plus all clothes, toiletries and stuff - into a Megalolopolis backpack. It fits in the overhead compartment, thus no check in luggage.

It also means I can carry everything on my back and ride my motorbike out into the countryside to play doofs (outdoor raves) here in Australia.

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